Avenida Moreno 1498, CP5600
San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina
GPS: S -34° 35' 56.66", W -68° 19' 42.31"
Phone: +54 260 4421208 / 4422833

Time Table:
Monday to Friday: 8a.m. to 4 p.m.

Bodega La Vendimia is located in San Rafael District , South of the Province of Mendoza, Argentina, the 8th world-wide wine capital.

From the beginning and for more than 50 uninterrupted years the vineyards have grown in a privileged oasis because of its natural conditions. Like its altitude (700ms above sea level), the great thermo amplitude between day and night and the dry and stony soils watered with snow melt that comes from the Andes mountains. These conditions are ideal for cultivating grapes and obtaining high quality wines.

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La Vendimia S.A. Avenida Moreno 1498. CP 5600. San Rafael. Mendoza. Argentina
Phone: +54 260 4421208 / 4422833