It is located in San Rafael department, southern oasis of Mendoza Province, Argentina, the eighth world wine capital.

From its origin and for more than 65 years, grapes from vineyards grown in this privileged oasis are elaborated due to their natural conditions such as altitude (700 M.A.S.L ), the marked thermal amplitude between day and night and the aridity of stony soils irrigated by pure waters coming from the Andes Mountains thaws.

These conditions create the ideal climate for the vine cultivation, allowing to obtain excellent quality in our wines.

The Vendimia Winery was born in 1954, due to the efforts of a local winemakers group who opted to vinify their own grapes. Today, the company is run by the third generation of the founding families.

With professionalism, offering high quality products and constant deliveries, it is consolidated in the domestic market through its main brand “Misionero”.

Over time, new technologies have been incorporated which allow offering new superior quality product lines

Our products are different because the grapes are taken care since vineyards with the same compromise of more than half a century ago.