La Vendimia Roble

The oak brand in bottles was born in 2014 under the trademark La Vendimia Winery. The colossal Malbec and the robust Cabernet Sauvignon were chosen for this purpose. They have been cared for with a special effort by our producers. They have a mixture of deep red and elegant black colours. In nose as in mouth they turn up with an aromatic complex profile where the red fruits, the Malbec sweetness and the Cabernet Sauvignon spiciness combine with the outstanding flavours of leather, toasted bread and smoked blends. This speaks about the wine┬┤s breeding during seven months in selected French oak barrels.

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La Vendimia S.A. Avenida Moreno 1498. CP 5600. San Rafael. Mendoza. Argentina
Phone: +54 260 4421208 / 4422833